Does CBD for ADHD/ADD Work & What Does Science Say About It?

Over the last few decades, CBD’s name has been linked with treating many diseases, including ADHD/ADD. Medical science seems divided on this topic and has mixed opinions about the positive results of CBD on ADHD/ADD patients. This post tries to throw light on some research studies conducted in this regard and clarifies whether CBD works on ADHD/ADD patients or not.

CBD Impact On ADHD/ADD Patients:

Many research studies and publications have talked about the benefits of CBD and how it helps ADHD/ADD patients over and over again in the past. One such website is The Alchempist. Founded by Matt Chandler, it not only publishes important information about CBD but also offers various CBD products to those who are looking to improve their mental wellbeing and overall health.

The Alchempist isn’t the first platform talking about CBD’s benefits. The first popular scientific study revolving around CBD’s impact on ADHD/ADD patients took place in 2008. As part of the study, a team of scientists from the Heidelberg University Medical Centre tested CBD’s impacts on a 28-year-old patient. After several trials and administering THC, it concluded that the subject was benefitted from the treatment.

Another 2012 study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology cited that CBD led to hyperactivity in patients suffering from ADHD/ADD and helped them in having a normalized social investigative behavior. The next scientific study on this subject was conducted in 2016 and concluded that 98% of ADAD subjects believed that cannabis helped them overcome the disorder.

There are many other studies also conducted by renowned scientists and most of them believe that CBD improves the condition of ADHD/ADD patients. The scale of improvement can be different on different patients, but overall it does what most scientists and researchers claim about it.

As a common user, you should not worry too much about using CBD to improve the quality of your life. Simply get in touch with an experienced physician and start consuming it based on the prescription given to you.